I trusted you with this because you're the most secretive person I know

uncommunicative, secret, unforthcoming, playing one's cards close to one's chest, reticent, reserved, silent, noncommunicative, quiet, tight-lipped, buttoned-up, close-mouthed, taciturn
open, communicative

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.

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  • Secretive — Se*cret ive, a. Tending to secrete, or to keep secret or private; as, a secretive disposition. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • secretive — index clandestine, evasive, furtive, laconic, mysterious, noncommittal, oblique (evasive), sly …   Law dictionary

  • secretive — (adj.) inclined to secrecy, 1815 (implied in secretiveness); see SECRET (Cf. secret) + IVE (Cf. ive). Related: Secretively …   Etymology dictionary

  • secretive — close, close lipped, closemouthed, tight lipped, *silent, uncommunicative, taciturn, reticent, reserved Analogous words: *cautious, circumspect, wary: restrained, inhibited (see RESTRAIN) Contrasted words: *talkative, loquacious, garrulous,… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • secretive — [adj] uncommunicative backstairs*, buttoned up*, cagey, clammed up*, close, close mouthed*, covert, cryptic, enigmatic, feline, furtive, hushed, in chambers*, in privacy*, in private, in the background*, in the dark*, on the QT*, reserved,… …   New thesaurus

  • secretive — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information. DERIVATIVES secretively adverb secretiveness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • secretive — [sē′krə tiv; ] occas., and for 2 always [, si krēt′iv] adj. [ SECRET + IVE] 1. tending to conceal one s thoughts, feelings, affairs, etc. from others; reticent; not frank or open 2. SECRETORY secretively adv. secretiveness n …   English World dictionary

  • secretive — adj. secretive about (secretive about one s plans) * * * secretive about (secretive about one s plans) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • secretive — se|cre|tive [ˈsi:krıtıv, sıˈkri:tıv] adj a secretive person or organization likes to keep their thoughts, intentions, or actions hidden from others ▪ The government has been accused of being secretive and undemocratic. secretive about ▪ Carla was …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • secretive — [[t]si͟ːkrətɪv, sɪkri͟ːt [/t]] ADJ GRADED: oft ADJ about n If you are secretive, you like to have secrets and to keep your knowledge, feelings, or intentions hidden. Billionaires are usually fairly secretive about the exact amount that they re… …   English dictionary

  • secretive — adj. VERBS ▪ be ▪ become ADVERB ▪ extremely, fairly, very, etc. ▪ highly …   Collocations dictionary

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